Valentines Day 100 Years Ago

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One hundred years ago today on St. Valentines Day, 1919, died a Mrs Annie McRae. Born a McRae, she was the daughter of the Rev John (Macrath Mor a Chnuicbhain) MacRae of Knockbain,  and wife of 2nd great uncle Reverend Alexander MacRae of the Free Church of Scotland.


Mrs Annie MacRae

Mrs Annie MacRae (1843-1919)


Rev Alexander MacRae

Rev Alexander MacRae (1839-1919)


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Poignantly, Annie appears directly below husband Alex in the Statutory Death Records for the District of Morningside in the City of Edinburgh. Alex had succumbed just a few days earlier. He had been born in Stornaway to Alexander and Mary MacRae. His mother Mary MacRae had also been born a MacRae. Annie and Alex had lived a fortunate and productive life.


England and Wales National Probate Calendar 1920

1920 Probate England & Wales
Annie MacRae Widow

England and Wales National Probate Alexander MacRae

England and Wales National Probate
Alexander MacRae


On the 17th of Feb, 1919, their son Ebenezer (Ben) signed the register for both deaths, as present at the same address which was 3 Hartington Gardens in Edinburgh. Ebenezer was 38 years of age at the time, already a qualified architect, single and a lieutenant in the British Army.


Alex and Annie MacRae Death Register 1919

Alex and Annie MacRae Deaths 1919


Alex and Annie had 4 sons; John, Alexander, Ebenezer and Duncan. The MacRae family appears in the 1891 Census of Scotland.  At that time Alexander was a minister of the Free Church of Scotland. Also in the household was a 25-year-old servant by the name of Catherine Carmichael. They were all living at the Clachan Free Church Manse in the Parish of Kilcalmonell, County of Argyll.


1891 Scotland Census Alexander MacRae Family

1891 Scotland Census
MacRae Family


Shortly after the death of his parents, Duncan Graham MacRae married Agnes Isabel Hately, only to succumb to tuberculosis at the age of 36 in 1920. At the time of his death, he was an engineering student.

I was aided in finding this information by studying the family tree chart created by Uncle Henry so many years ago. It’s at the bottom of this post.  While reading this chart I was puzzled that 2 of the MacRae brothers, Duncan and John, had married a “Miss Heatly”. Being that Duncan had died so early, had John married his widow? This was food for thought and upon searching online at  ScotslandsPeople it became clear that this “Miss Heatly”  was actually two sisters Agnes Isabel Hately and Olive Moir Hately.

By the way, Scotlands People is a great place to find records for your Scottish ancestors. There is a charge for each record downloaded but you can do searches for free and narrow things down enough to have an excellent chance of downloading the correct record or you just can use the limited free information if that’s all you need.

John MacRae married Olive Moir Hately in 1920. Olive was the sister of Agnes Isabel Hately who was the widow of brother Duncan Graham MacRae. Like his father, John became a minister.


Rev John MacRae (1878-1965)

Rev John MacRae (1878-1965)


Son Alexander MacRae became a Doctor of Medicine and was an Ophthalmic Surgeon. He can be seen in the records travelling to Canada with his wife Louisa Isabella Ruth Bryce. Interestingly, after Louisa’s death, he can again be seen in the records travelling to Canada with his sister-in-law Agnes Isobel McRae (Hateley) who apparently never remarried.


Alexander MacRae MA MD Ophthalmologist

Alexander MacRae MA MD Ophthalmologist (1879-1965)


Son Ebenezer James MacRae married Dorothy Craigie in 1922 and was the City Architect for Edinburgh for many years.  Find out more about  Ebenezer James MacRae here.


Ebenezer James MacRae, Architect

Ebenezer James MacRae, Architect


Gifford Park Edinburgh Council Housing by Ebenezer James Stephencdickson [CC BY 3.0 (]

Gifford Park Edinburgh Council Housing by Ebenezer James MacRae

Edinburgh City Police Box by Architect Ebenezer James MacRae --- Brian McNeil [CC BY 3.0 (]

Edinburgh City Police Box by Ebenezer James MacRae



THE MACRAE FAMILY Christy Ann McRae (Cambridge) 2nd great grandmother with 3 of her siblings; John, Alexander and Caroline

Christy Ann McRae (Cambridge)
2nd great grandmother
with 3 of her siblings; John, Alexander and Caroline


The photos above are from the album of Henry James Cambridge Poore (1894-1980). He’s pictured below in a photo from the same album. He immigrated from Belfast with his parents and siblings in 1920. My grandmother Agnes Christiana Cambridge Poore /Kerley (1896-1989) was his sister.


Henry James Cambridge Poore from his personal album

Henry James Cambridge Poore (1894-1980)
Photo from his personal album


Typed Family Tree by Henry Poore

Typed Family Tree by Uncle Henry


St Valentine Whitefriar Church in Dublin

St Valentine Whitefriar Church in Dublin


Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine, is celebrated annually on February 14. It originating as a Western Christian feast day.
St. Valentine, the patron saint of love, was executed in Rome and buried there in the 3rd century. Much later, an Irish priest was granted permission to exhume his remains, and now his skeleton lies under Whitefriar Church in Dublin.

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