Woolwork Tapestry created by James Cambridge while at sea

Woolwork Tapestry created by 2nd Great Grandfather James Cambridge while at sea

My focus in creating this site stems from my interests in genealogy, web design and art. I have made many very interesting discoveries about my ancestors in the past few years and have broken through a few very puzzling “brick walls”. I have come across a few surprises and gained insight into the struggles of these people from generations past. I am most interested in recent history from the 19th and 20th centuries. I started wondering about ancestors from even further back after receiving my DNA results from Ancestry and not being able to discover the ancestral connection with some of my DNA matches that we most likely share.

I have been able to see how I connect to some of these cousins by comparing our family trees, looking for similar or exact family names and places, and taking my research from there. Many of my DNA matches have no family trees in Ancestry, so it can be somewhat daunting to try to find where they may fit in. Some DNA matches do have extensive family trees and I still cannot determine how we are related. My number of fourth to sixth cousin matches has grown to over 330. I tend to focus on these closer matches when trying to make a connection to them. The number of 5th to 8th cousin matches is in the thousands!

I enjoy web design and creative challenges. Merging TNG Genealogy with WordPress was a challenge in itself. Learning to put it all together while creating a “mobile-first” approach to web design was a difficult yet enjoyable task. This website was a creative challenge for me with a focus on applying new and well-worn skills. Thank you for your interest!

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